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ELK'S BALL, 1912


Middleborough B. P. O. E. first annual ball, dance card, May 29, 1912

The cover of the dance card depicts an elk head with the animal's zoological name, Cervus alces, featured on the purple banner. The large clock with its hands set to eleven, and the purple and white color scheme were also reflected in the decorations for the local Elks' first ball. Dance cards such as this were noted features of formal dances of the period, and were completed by ladies who would pencil in their partners for each dance. The long purple silken cord on this card permitted the lady to wear it from her wrist.

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Upper Factory Shovel Works, cyanotype, c. 1880


This early view of the shovel works at the Upper Factory (Wareham Street at the Nemasket River) depicts the saw mill which operated as part of the works and which was located on the west bank of the Nemasket River during the 19th century. The view is taken from a vantage point roughly near the foot of the present fish ladder which descends from Wareham Street. Note the wooden sluiceway which carries a stream of water from the dam to the mill. The shovel works building is just out of view on the left.


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Solomon H. Sylvester, trade card, c. 1880


One of the more prolific local issuers of advertising trade cards during the Victorian era was Solomon H. Sylvester.  Originally a barber and hairdresser in the 1850s (during which time he is noted as the inventor of the intriguingly-named "Golden Lutricon" for hair), Sylvester later in the 1860s and 1870s retailed gold and silver goods, pictures, frames and brackets from his store which stood on the site of 19-21 Center Street. 

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Rock School pupils, photograph, 1897.


The Rock School was constructed in 1897 on Miller Street at Rock Village to replace an earlier structure dating from 1856.


Front row, left to right: Arlena Tinkham, Florence Pierce, Bertha Pierce, Carlton Dunham, Susie Tinkham, Walter Lakey, James Chace, Neal Kerr, Leslie Thomas. Middle row, left to right: Joe Westgate, Susie Merrihew, Lena Chace, Lottie Thomas, Winnie Lakey, Mabel Lakey, Hattie Westgate, Roland Tinkham, Clarence Shaw, Elsie MacKeen, Arthur Westgate, Clifford Dunham. Back row, left to right: Jennie Westgate, Francis Carver, Mary Harvey, Hattie Southworth, Oscar Westgate, ? Sherman, Helen S. Maxim teacher.


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