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The six-acre Rock Cemetery in the Rock Village section of Middleborough is the town's seventh oldest burying ground, dating back to 1791. The cemetery consists of five distinct yet contiguous historical burying grounds straddling Highland Street, all overseen since 1907 by the Rock Cemetery Association.
   Buried within the perimeters of the Rock Cemetery are some of the area's earliest inhabitants. The many individuals interred at Rock over the past two hundred plus years constitute a rich cross-section of Rock Village and broader Middleborough history. Among them are business men and farmers, soldiers and doctors, pastors, educators, politicians and "plain folk" who bore witness to the development of Rock and Middleborough, Massachusetts, and whose lives - and deaths - ae merely a reflection of our own.

All proceeds benefit the Rock Cemetery Association.

An Illustrated History of Rock Cemetery

  • Author: Michael J. Maddigan

    Publisher: Rock Cemetery Association, 2007

    Coil bound, 132 pages, illustrations (b/w), complete listing of interments 1791-2007, 8.5 x 11 inches

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