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The Bay State Straw Works was a nineteenth century manufacturer of straw hats and bonnets located on Courtland Street in Middleborough. Employing over a thousand workers at its peak, the straw works was not only Middleborough’s largest industry during the post-Civil War era, but also for a time part of the world’s largest manufacturer of straw goods. While the Bay State Straw Works is no longer in existence, portions of the manufactory as well as numerous houses and buildings associated with the operation remain and may be seen today.


Richly illustrated in color and containing 125 pages, Bay State Straw Works: A History & Neighborhood Guide examines the history of this forgotten though fascinating industry and explores the straw works neighborhood with descriptions of buildings on Courtland, Oak, South Main, Alden and Elm Streets as well as Court End Avenue and further afield.


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Bay State Straw Works: A History & Neighborhood Guide

  • Author: Michael J. Maddigan

    Publisher: Recollecting Nemasket, 2023

    Digital download, PDF

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