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The history of Middleborough is a history of its numerous villages. Like other geographically large towns, Middleborough developed a number of small communities that provided their earliest residents with needed services such as mills, schools, churches and cemeteries. These villages ranged in size from Middleborough Four Corners which by the 1850s had emerged as the municipal, commercial, industrial and social center of the town, to smaller village centers like Titicut, Eddyville, Rock and South Middleborough. Using historical images from the extensive collections of the Middleborough Historical Association as well as from town residents, Middleborough explores the town's evolution from its earliest foundation through the mid-twentieth century.

Images of America: Middleborough

SKU: 978-0-785-6559-0
  • Author: Michael J. Maddigan and the Middleborough Historical Association

    Publisher: Arcadia Publishing, 2009

    Paperback, 128 pages, illustrations (b/w), 6.5 x 9.25 inches

  • A Job Well Done *****

    Mr. Maddigan has done a fine job on this book. He selected rare photos of of real historical importance; sometimes avoiding obvious choices for photos seldom seen and probably never before published. His scholarly research and excellent writing skills are evident in the captions he wrote. The book is well organized with chapters devoted to each part of town. People unfamiliar with Middleborough and its history as well as people who are knowledgeable about it will enjoy the book equally. - Christopher D. Sullivan,

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