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In 1910, the year following its establishment, the King Philip Tavern of Lakeville was heralded as a "new breathing spot of the most attractive sort". Despite the fact that it was leveled by fire a century ago, the iconic King Philip Tavern has become a significant part of Lakeville's social history. The story of the tavern which was originally a private residence owned by the Washburn family and later by Fred C. Hinds of Newton who transformed it into a summer estate known as "Hindsmere", embodies the deep history of the town. It may in fact be argued that to a certain degree the story of the King Philip Tavern is the story of Lakeville.

All proceeds from the sale of this booklet benefit the Lakeville Historical Commission and its programs.

Lakeville's King Philip Tavern

  • Author: Michael J. Maddigan

    Publisher: Lakeville Historical Commission and Preserve Our Lakeville Landmarks, 2010

    Paperback, 44 pages, map, illustrations (color). 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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